Turbo mods

Many types of mod are available for turbos, and they range from the simple dump valve upgrade to a complete internal overhaul of the turbo.

Internal modification of the turbo housing will greatly increase both exhaust flow and intake flow.

The physical diameter can be enlarged giving more volume and greater flow but this will often require custom parts to fit it back into your engine but careful smoothing and shaping the internal surfaces will help the flow of air and reduce any restriction.

Ceramic coatings will further enhance the exhaust side of the turbo and have the benefit of reducing the heat transfer from exhaust to intake side. (Pressurising air will always increase the temperature so an intercooler which works much like a radiator will help to cool the air coming into the engine.)

We will take an indepth look at turbos and see what the best way of tuning them is.

Different fin profiles on the exhaust and intake sides will help change the turbos characteristics and a specialist can take into account your need for lower lag, bigger top end power and any other requirements.

It is now fairly common to be able to buy an uprated version of your standard turbo off the shelf but it is often on an exchange basis. These are referred to as hybrid turbos as components are merged together to blend the characteristics you want.

For a more comprehensive look at car tuning see our sister site www.torquecars.com More cars have turbo's fitted as standard and we will look at the best ways of tuning them. There are phenomenal power gains available to turbo charged cars with engines of all sizes.

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