Turbo Design

The angle of the turbines, the gearing and size of the fins as well as the dwell angle has a major impact on the effect and efficiency of the turbo.

Peugeot have experimented with variable turbine geometry and other manufacturers have employed similar tricks to maximise the power gains and keep with fuel economy requirements.

They tend to work conservatively and focus too much on reliability and economy so we have plenty of scope for improvement.

There a 4 main areas or parts to a turbo: The turbine and impeller wheels are each contained within their own folded conical housing on opposite sides of the third component, the center hub rotating assembly and the housing.

Thrust bearings are fitted to most OEM turbos, but ball bearings perform much better, last longer, cope with higher speeds and reduce turbo lag. So for this reason we recommend you convert your car to a ball bearing turbo version.

Some designs eliminate lag and dual turbos and even triple turbos are becomming standard production methods.

The compound charging effect exponentially increases the amount of boost on offer. We are also seeing manufacturers combining a turbo with a supercharger to avoid the low down lag effect of a turbo and to pull in more air to the engine.

For a more comprehensive look at car tuning see our sister site www.torquecars.com More cars have turbo's fitted as standard and we will look at the best ways of tuning them. There are phenomenal power gains available to turbo charged cars with engines of all sizes.

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